• Our intermediate goals for education include raising the number of children who are 'school ready', and raising 4th Graders' LEAP scores in English/Language Arts.

  • Our goal to provide financial stability and independence to families through increased enrollment in job programs, meaningful work for those with disabilities, and creating financial plans for families.

  • Our goals to improve health include reducing low birth weights and create opportunities to be 'born learning', reduce childhood ob.

  • Our 2-1-1 line helps people with food, a place to live, medical care, counseling, and intervention for assault and abuse crimes.

United Way does what no other organization can we coordinate the collective strength of individual donors, local businesses, non-profit partners and numerous community resources. Together, we work to create opportunities for a better life for all. Our focus is on providing the building blocks for a good quality of life.

           United Way
             was the
      in NW LA in 2013
     and will be in 2014.
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